Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast

Restaurants and cafes on the most popular cycling routes in the north of the island

Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Majorca grasped the concept of cycling as tourism way before most of the rest of Europe did and has been tweaking it's cycling-friendly offer accordingly ever since. First came the cycle hire companies, with Pro-Cycle-Hire leading the way in the north, then came the accommodation; sport and cycling hotels like Duva, expanding their services to cater for a sporting crowd, transfers and bike shops followed in their heels, guides and tour companies, and lastly, the restaurant and cafe business taking the baton, and beginning to provide snacks and meals on the more popular routes.


9 Places to eat and drink on your Majorca cycling holiday


The interesting thing about cycle tourism is that cyclists go where tourists never ventured. Routes across the Mountains of the Tramuntana and Llevant, and by-roads along the central plains are a world away from the beach hungry summer tourists's usual itinery. In fact, few if any people ever really visited these places before.

Part time residents and the more adventurous outdoorsy types may have savoured the hikes and tiny villages perched high on the hillsides along the western ridge, an the ocasional wine buff may have visited the vineyards in the fertile foothills near Binnisalem, but otherwise, the vast expanse of virgin Majorca remained forgotten.

Cycling has changed all that.

Cycling tours roll along the country lanes between small towns and stop off on route for nourrishment and a welcome breather, and the small local cafes and eateries have found their businesses begin to thrive with the new visitors. 


Coll de Sa Batalla Climb and Restaurant


Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


This is the steep climb you take to get into the Tramuntana Mountains, a Category 2, 7.9km ride with a 5% average gradient and some hefty hairpin bends. To help you get there or as a stop on the way down, there is a small cafe in Caimari to rest and fuel.




Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Sa Ruta Verda - Coll de Sa Batalla

8km down the hill in Caimari, south of Coll sa Batalla, if you've come from Soller or Pollensa.

They make a home-made energy bar which is a winner with cyclists and triathletes on their way up. Lovely courtyard and vegan meal options.


Soller Cycling Routes and Restaurants


Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Soller is one of the more popular cycling hubs on the island and the busiest Tramuntana base camp. Most of the long mountain rides come through here and as such it is only fitting that it has a few good cycle-friendly eateries. This is one of our favourites:




Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Ca'n Topa - Coll de Soller

Amazingly well positioned cafe at the top of the Coll de Soller, serves home made cakes, sandwiches, pa amb oli, pastas, salads and burgers.


Alaró Cycling Routes and Restaurants


Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Alaró is the small village at the foot of the twin humpback hills you can see clearly from the main Palma-Alcudia motorway. It is also near some of the best cycling routes on the island: Orient Valley, Sóller, Port Sóller, Bunyola, plus the climbs of the Coll d'Orient, Coll d'Honor and Coll de Soller. 




Cycling and Eating on Majorca's north coast


Cycling Planet 

Bike shop, mecanic workshop and cafe serving coffees, beers, sandwiches and snacks, as well as ham and cheese sandwiches. The perfcet pit stop.


Cala San Vicente Cycling Routes and Restaurants


Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Cala Sant Vicenç is a tiny resort and fishing village on the far north of the island, not really on the big cycling routes, but a great little detour or add-on if you are doing Cape Formentor, the Bay of Pollensa and LLuc Monastery and want a little scenic tour up the coast for a bite to eat by the sea.




Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Pepe's Bar- Cala Sant Vicenç

Not exclusively a cycling cafe, Pepe's Bar is a small restaurant on the side road leading down to Cala Molins, in the tiny resort of Cala San Vicente, way up on the north side of the island. Open throughout the season, with cycle parking and sea views, they serve a full selection of meals and snacks. Not really on any major cycle routes per se, this is a detour worth taking nonetheless.


La Vittoria Cycling Routes & Restaurants 


Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


La Vittoria is a hill on the southern side of the Bay of Pollensa, between Port de Pollensa and Alcudia, and a lip of land that cyclists love to take either for small coastal rides, rest days or extra mileage on the Alcudia routes. There is a small monastery and restaurant half way up the hill with fabulous views and if you need to stretch your legs, a great hike to the top of the mountain.



Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Bodega del Sol - Mal Pas / Bonaire

This little cafe has been there for ever and has changed very little. They serve paellas and a variety of Mallorcan specialities, tapas and simple snacks. There is a small terrace and prices are reasonable. Parking isn't provided and bikes have to be left on the pavement. 




Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Cocodrilo Restaurant - Mal Pas / Bonaire

Located next to the Bonaire marina and a large carpark, this is a favourite cycling cafe on this route, as it can take large groups and has lovely views over the bay. Serves paellas, seafood and fish dishes mainly, though also does snacks.


Port de Pollensa Cycling Routes and Restaurants


Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Port de Pollença or Puerto Pollensa is the town on the northernmost bay of the island, a highly popular cycling destination and cycle hub to access the northern routes in Mallorca. From here you are near Formentor Peninsula and the Cape of Formentor and lighthouse, Alcudia Bay and wetlands, and Pollensa old town, Lluc Monastery and from there the whole of the Serra de Tramuntana. Port de Pollensa is also a good starting point for the central flats.




Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Sea.Bar.Is - Port de Pollensa

Great at any time of day, this trendy chillout cafe is set on the seafront and serves fullsome breakfasts, lunches and cocktails in the evening. 




Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Tolo's Bar - Puerto Pollensa

Often featured here on Duva's blogs, Tolo's Bar is something of an institution in the cycling community around Puerto Pollensa. The founder, Tolo, tapped into the cycling fever way back, and being a cyclist himself, he threw himself at the task with gusto, covering the walls of the cafe with cycling memorabilia and serving highly nutritous and delicious Spanish cuisine. Now retired, the cafe is run by the Vila brothers group, VilaCuisines, who also own the Marina Cafe, Casa Vila and Euphoria.




Cycling and eating on Majorca's north coast


Pro Cycle Hire - Port de Pollensa

The cafe is somewhat secondary to what is the oldest running and most professional cycle hire operation in the north of the island. But its is a great cafe nevertheless, serving coffees, cold drinks, cakes and snacks as well as every kind of energy bar you could dream of, and fused as it is with the shop, workshop, hire service and bike tours, this is perhaps the only place you need to go when you land in Port Pollensa on a cycling holiday.

Duva works closely with Pro Cycle Hire and we have a small outlet in the hotel grounds, so we thought we would be humble and keep this one for last.

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