Holidays in Mallorca all year round

Mallorca wants the British to come on holiday here all year

This week, from Monday the 1st to Wednesday the 3rd of November, London will host the World Travel Market and for Mallorca the fair is a big deal.

This year, following the last two years of pandemic and stringent travel restrictions, Mallorca now wants to tackle what it is calling 'seasonality', which is a tourist season focused mainly on the hotest summer months and beach holidays for families. 

Mallorca wants to return to pre-pandemic tourism numbers and is hoping to be able to attract the British to view the island as a year round training ground for Sport as well as leisure and sunshine. 

Cycling is not the only sport... you can practice in Mallorca!

Though cycling is undoubtedly the most popular sport on the island, there is also hiking, sailing, golf, tennis, fell-running, mountain biking, rock-climbing, kite surfing, scuba diving... the list is fairly long. Aside from a red run ski slope down from the Tramuntana, Mallorca can offer high quality terrain for pretty much any sport you could dream of, and certainly any sport you wish to train for.

And this is largely what the Mallorca Tourism Council is ready to promote at the fair in London this year.

Would you visit Mallorca all year round for active tourism?

The move is focused on extending the holiday season to the maximum and simultaneously lowering the impact of high season numbers on the island's resources.

At the moment there are really 2 Mallorcas, the off season and the one season. Cycling sits on the margins, in Spring and Autumn. And in Winter most businesses, shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels, are forced to close.

If Mallorca's hotels closed later and opened earlier in the year, the sporting community could enjoy its own high season, which would be different from the sun worshipper summer season, and allow the service industry to carry on working over the winter.

Mallorca loves the British

The pandemic has shown us that the island needs the British tourist. It is after all thanks to the British that Mallorca became the leading tourist destination it is today. First came the package holidays, then came the high end hotel chains, and now we have second home owners, leading sports training clubs and a thriving luxury boat industry, making the island more and more attractive to the discerning customer. 

We have even started to see Mallorca figuring strongly in British TV and film, "The Night Manager", "Love Island", "The Crown"... the island has cache.

Will a year round tourism be a better kind of tourism?

Winter tourism tends to mean healthier more active visitor, hikers walking the Tramuntana Mountains, Golf players doing the rounds of the big golf clubs, regatta sailing, tennis, and of course, a myriad of races and sportives take place in Autumn. Last weekend cycling took the island by storm, albeit awful torrential conditions, they battled on. 

There are also tens of wineries on Mallorca, specialty food fairs in the villages, and a thriving gastro and artesan revival, which makes for a fun weekend escape out of season. 

The question is, can the island support the pre-pandemic numbers all year round? And will stretching the season ease the pressure and make for a better, less capricious tourism? There certainly seems to be a renewed appreciation for space and open air. We dont want mass toursm anymore... we want to offer comfort and quality.

I suppose we wil have to wait and see.

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