Thank you for a great year at Duva hotel

And hope this next one brings you back on holiday to Puerto Pollensa!



It is the end of the year. In two days time we will be toasting to the new one - 2020! Making new plans and new year resolutions. We will be filled with the excitement of new beginnings and all the promise that new beginnings bring.

But for now, we are still in 2019, and it has been a good year. A really good year. And this is thanks to you. Duva Hotel is nothing without you of course, we all know that. An empty shell with smiling staff and clean sheets. It is you who make it come alive.




We want to thank you for coming to Duva, for visiting us and staying at our hotel, and especially for trusting us with your holidays. To all of you who come year after year, first with your children and then with your children's children. And with your husbands and wives, on romantic getaways. And individually, for a relaxing holiday in the Mallorca sunshine. It is enormously humbling. Thank you!

And to all of you who come tentatively for the first time, unsure you will like it. And to all of you who would not ordinarily holiday in Mallorca or in a resort for that matter, but take the leap and enjoy the experience.

And a big thank you to the kids. Because though we may be a family hotel, a romantic hotel and a cycling hotel, we are above all, a child-friendly hotel, and it is their joyful excitement that cheers us and gives our hotel its happy and lively atmosphere.


Thank you from Duva


And we would liike to thank the cyclists and sportsmen and women, who, individually or in groups, choose Duva as their sport hotel in Mallorca year after year. Some of you come early in the cycling season, on training camps and cycling tours. Some of you come to compete in the cycle events and sportives, others to train, some to challenge others simply for the sheer pleasure of battling the hills. Thank you for making Duva a Cycling hotel!

And thank you to the camp organisers for choosing us and working with us to become a more and more specialised cycling hotel. We are hugely grateful for your collaboration and enjoy the challenge of providing exceptional cycling experiences for all your clients.


Welcome to the New Year 2020!


It sounds exciting 2020, full of promise and with a tinge of the futuristic about it.

We hope it will bring you all back to our hotel for more holidays in the sunshine, swimming in the pool, lounging, reading, relaxing, drinking at the bar, Italian meals, Mallorcan meals... and generally enjoying your time off.

And we hope we will see our cycling guests take on new challenges and feats on the wild mountain roads and in the rolling interior paths of our friendly cycling island.

And most importantly of all - we hope this new year will bring you all happiness and health, and keep you safe. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!


Thank you from Hotel Duva  

Happy New Year 2020 from Mallorca!


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