Can we enjoy a family holiday in Mallorca this Summer 2021?

Will we get to enjoy a family holiday this Summer 2021 in Mallorca?

Can we travel this Summer? Is it wise to go on holiday? Can I afford it?

Is it safe? Can I trust the airlines not to cancel my flight? And will I be turned back upon arrival? And then what...?

There are so many questions and doubts surrounding the viability and wisdom ( and legality) of travelling this summer 2021. And while it may seem slightly extraneous to be worrying about taking a family holiday abroad at a time of global pandemic, after what amounts to over a year of on and off lockdowns,  so many restrictions, furlows and working from home, it is hardly surprising we all want to get away!

Will Mallorca make the Green List?

First of all, Mallorca is not even on the UK Green List yet, making it all but impossible to travel here, unless you are a resident, a local or absolutely have to get here for work or care reasons.

But why did Mallorca not make the list?

Infection rates in the Balearics are low and have been throughout. But not so for Spain. And though many feel otherwise, the islands are part of the Spanish territory and as such answer to Madrid. And yes, Madrid and Spanish Covid 19 infections are significantly higher. So, Mallorca got lumped in with the rest of Spain.

Now there is a move to get the Canary Islands separated and onto the Green List. And if the Canaries get on, the Balearic Islands will be certain to follow. That's the plan anyway.

But I have had the vaccine! Can I travel now?

While the UK has given practically everyone one dose by now and several age groups have had both, Spain is being woefully slow in administering vaccines. The vaccination programme in Mallorca is just getting started on the 59-69 year olds.

Part of the reason is that Spain just hasn’t bought enough doses. Other reasons are the distrust for certain brands. And though as I said before, cases are low, (Mallorca has the second lowest infection rate in Spain, after the Canary Islands) and restrictions in social distancing, curfews, no gatherings and mask usage have kept the population safe.

Mallorca is the best holiday destination in the Mediterranean!

And after all, it is lovely here. And safe.

In the Summer it is easier to social distance as we practically live outdoors. The Mallorca lifestyle is healthy with clean air and wonderful food, which is good for your immune system. And it makes us happy, which is even better for our immune systems!

So, in the spirit of staying safe, being healthy, eating well and feeling happy, here is to a great Summer ahead. We miss our dear guests and hope we will be seeing you all again very soon.


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