Winter holidays in the North of Mallorca

Opening the island to winter tourism and welcoming visitors all year round

Duva hotel in Mallorca

Discovering Mallorca out of season

Traditional fiestas, great wines and delicious local delicacies

Still very much in the planning stage, the Mallorca government is working towards opening the island up more to tourism during the autumn-winter-spring season, a time of year when most flights ground to a near halt and hotels, restaurants and most holiday geared services close down. 

Given the choice, lots of brits and europeans would gladly visit Mallorca during this out of season period, when it is cold and wintry, but never quite as cold and wintry as the north of the continent, or Scotland. And not only cyclists, but hikers, foodies, wine tasting enthusiasts, golfers, retirees and young families too. 

Walking around the coast of Mallorca out of season


Duva hotel in Mallorca

We all know about the beaches, but what of the rest of this varied and surprising island; with its two mountain ranges, central plains, rocky outcrops, hill walks, cave systems, canyons and almond groves. There is much to see, and its terrain offers ample scope to practice a vast amount of sports and enjoy the outdoors in a temperate climate.

Mallorca has some 555 kilometres of coastline, with hundreds of beaches and coves of varying sizes and accessibility. Though walking the entire circumference would be tricky in parts, there are amazing walks along the sea spanning tens of kms and the possiblity of walking from north to south of viceversa along the GR221 walk from Andratx to Formentor. 

City breaks to Palma de Mallorca out of season


Duva hotel in Mallorca

Palma city is also very attractive to winter tripsters as a year round cultural hub with a vibrant art and music scene, great restaurants, a charming historical centre and an array of trendy hotels, cafes and shops.

If you visit the island's capital on a summer holiday in July you may find it busy and hot, but travel in the wintertime and you will find yourself in a bite sized european city, not dissimilar to Barcelona, with all the buzz and attributes of a cosmopolitan metropolis.

Horseriding, hiking and cycling on Mallorca's mountain roads


Duva hotel in Mallorca

A horse riding excursion along the Tramuntana Mountains. A typical tour would take two or three days, depending on your expertise, on the weather conditions and the time of year, with a night's stop in Lluc Monastery and possibly a second stop on route. This is a wonderful way to experience the mountains first hand and to take in the magesty of the surroundings at a slow pace. 

These hills are great for hiking too and popular with local and international fell runners and mountain bikers. In the northen Tramuntana you will find several peaks above the 1000m mark and along the outer ridge, sheer drops to the sea.

Explore the Tramuntana Mountains 


Duva hotel in Mallorca

In the photo above you can see the reservoir of Cuber in the distance. This is deep in the Mountains, some hours from the Lluc Monastery, on the way to Soller. 

Though Mallorca is welcoming and the climate temperate most of the year, these mountains can be treacherous, and if caught up here out of season, the weather can turn pretty quickly. If you are not a seasoned hiker or mountaneer, please take precautions, and ideally hire the services of a local guide company. 

A family and sport hotel for your winter holidays in Mallorca


Duva hotel in Mallorca

Aparthotel Duva in Puerto Pollensa - Mallorca

And of course we would love to welcome you to stay with us at Duva Aparthotel in Puerto Pollensa - near the city, near the mountains and the beaches, near the wineries and the village festivals, great for families, great in summer, and now, we hope great in winter too!.

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