When will we say goodbye to face masks in Mallorca?

One year on... Covid protection measures and new changes in the pipeline

We have been wearing facemasks in Mallorca since the start of lockdown last year. It has been just over a year since the government made it law to have to wear a facemask in public. At the time, and faced with a raging global pandemic and soaring infection rates, facemasks were, alongside hand cleaning and social distancing, the best tools we had available to slow the spread and keep safe.

Now, a year on, things have changed and thankfully much improved. Infection rates are down and we now have a vaccine available that will protect us from Covid19!

So, what are the rules on wearing a face ask in Mallorca?

We have to wear them in public, on the street and in shops and supermarkets. The kids wear them to school. I wear them to work. You have to wear them in the car if you have other passengers. You wear them on public transport and in taxis. The only time and place when you can not wear a facemask in Mallorca is when doing exercise (never was there a better reason to start getting fit!) and when eating and drinking in a cafe or restaurant (never a reason to stop). 

In winter they are ok. But as it starts to get hot again, the question is, for how long are we going to have to carry on wearing facemasks? 

The Mallorca Vaccination Programme

Though pitifully slow and way behind the UK, Mallorca's vaccination programme is underway, now vaccinating the 39-49 year olds. Everyone over 49 has now had at least one of the Covid jabs and soon getting the second. 

Travel restrictions are still in place but easing and open to the new vaccine passport, as well as the pcr tests required. 

The end of facemasks

Not quite yet. But soon. There is a move towards stopping their use outdoors, and it is driven by health reasons but also social, political and economic factors. 

Experts suggest that when 80% of over 60's and 40% of over 50's have received at least one of the vaccine jabs, then we can begin to ease the use of facemasks.



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