What's On in Pollensa this summer

Summer events and local fiestas near your hotel in Puerto Pollensa

Things to see and do in Pollensa & Port de Pollensa on your next summer holiday on the island


All the towns, resorts and villages of Mallorca put on events to celebrate the long days and good weather; there are beach parties, full moon parties, concerts, outdoor dinners, cinema a la fresca, traditional dances, children's theatre, sports events and races and water sports of every kind.

There are things for the kids, teens and people of every age, day and night all over the place, and the most curious of all are probably the local fiestas, which celebrate a town's patron saint, but manage to encompass all manner of unrelated activities into the lively fiesta calendars.


Pollensa & Port de Pollensa Farmer's Markets


What's on this summer in Pollensa

Farmer's Markets in Puerto Pollensa and Pollensa old town


The weekly farmer's market continues all year round, every Wednesday morning, in Puerto Pollensa's main square, and is a great way to catch up on some gift shopping and see the town in another light.

Stalls begin to set up at dawn to avoid the heat and stay in place until around 2 pm, with flowers and plants on sale, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, olives, cheeses and all kinds of locally produced delicacies.

But it isn't all food. You can find basket ware, glass, pottery, fabrics and a wide selection of accessories, summer hats, clothes and jewellery.

Even if you don't want to buy anything in particular, it’s a lively and colourful show and worth checking out. You can sit in one of the shady cafes around the main square and enjoy a morning coffee while you watch the market stall sellers weave their magic and flog their wares.

If you miss the Wednesday market in Port de Pollensa you can always try the one at Pollensa old town, on Sunday mornings in the main plaza. 

One word of warning though, it can be very hot in July and these markets are popular, so if you can, go early. It’s more enjoyable and slightly cooler in the morning and you re more likely to find a seat at a café too!


LA PATRONA - Pollensa's Summer Fiesta


What's on in Pollensa this summer

Pollensa's summer festival and patron saint


Pollensa is a small village 6 km inland from Port de Pollensa and the host of the fabulous and downright mental Moors and Christians fiestas, which take place every year on the 2nd of August. The party starts much earlier than that however, several weeks before, in the middle of July, with a full calendar of activities that range from holi paint festivals to classical concerts in the cloisters, with lots of food, music and sports events scattered in between. 

For runners, there is an afternoon race day with short sprints for kids and a longer route round town and up some of the surrounding hills.

There are art exhibitions, circus and theatre shows, live music, Mallorcan dancing, processions and mass. The party fluctuates between sombre catholic traditions and imported celebrations, like the Hindu holi, which has been readily incorporated during the last few years and enjoyed hugely by the teenagers of the town.

The 3 squares in Pollensa are taken over by DJs on most nights leading up to the 2nd of August, with the popular White Party now it's most loved event.


The Pollensa Tapas Route


What's on in Port de Pollensa this July

The Pollensa tapas route in town


Ever wanted to taste some traditional Spanish delicacies but don't know where to start? 

The Tapas Route is now a well established Thursday night date on the summer calendar in Pollensa old town, and a fabulous way of spending an evening roaming through town, eating and drinking for a fraction of the cost of a sit down dinner and having a laugh in the bargain. And the thing is, it is quite good value! At 2 euros for a small beer or glass of wine and two tapas, it is questionable if anyone ever makes it to the end of the route without keeling over but what you won't do is spend much money. 

Not every restaurant and cafe takes part. Some prefer to carry on serving full meals, but around 8 or 9 establishments tend to do the tapas route and will lay out a selection of their best miniature creations, often on a small slice of bread. 


Live Music at the Beach Bars on the Bay


What's on this summer in Pollensa

EMBAT Chiringuito Beach Pto Pollensa


Open once again, following a very boring summer last year, when our favourite little bach bar was closed for the season. 

Jazz, blues, country folk and Latino are just some of the music strains you will hear streaming from the beach cafes on the far side of the bay. And in summer this is most nights.

Local and international bands and solo artists perched on stools give cocktail drinking on the sand a lively twist. And if they don't have a live act scheduled, there will be a DJ playing mellow tunes until the late hours.


Pollensa Classical Music Festival


What's on in Pollensa this summer 2019

The Pollensa Classical Music Festival


Celebrated in the Santo Domingo Cloisters of Pollensa old town, the Pollensa Music Festival has been going since 1962 and is the only festival in Mallorca to be included in the European Association of Festivals. The concerts take place throughout the month of August and though primarily a classical music festival, it also features world renown artists from the world of gospel, jazz and flamenco.

This year it will be celebrating its 58th edition.

The programme is not yet out, but as soon as it is, we will be posting a link to all the concerts and how to buy your tickets online. Stay tuned!


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