Water sports and activities on the Bay in Puerto Pollensa

 12 water sports and activities to try in Puerto Pollensa


11 water sport and beach activity ideas for you and your family right here on the Bay of Pollensa!




12 water sports and activities in Puerto Pollensa


Easy to learn, wonderful fun and fit for everyone, kayaking is possibly the perfect water sport. For families with kids, individuals or groups, kayaking is the simplest form of navigation, ancestral, ancient, you get in and row. There is little more to it. We are not saying that you can't improve, because this is a sport in its own right, and there is technique and skill involved. But even the amateur can paddle out onto the vast serene Bay of Pollensa, cross the water to the fort, explore underwater caves, take a picnic and make a day out of it. On a calm day anyway. If the sea is rough, then we suggest you delay your outting, pick a better day. The Bay can be fierce too. 

Kayak Mallorca rent kit and run tours all over the north coast. You can find them on the sandy beach in Puerto Pollensa. 




12 water sports and activities in Puerto Pollensa


Another of the great family sports to try in the Bay, paddle boarding is everywhere at the moment. Be warned however, it isn't quite as easy as it looks; and takes some practice. Balancing on a small floating board looks great in the photos, and you can travel fast or do yoga completely still, but I for one have spent more time in the water under the board than standing elegantly on top. Fun for everyone in the family, and usually much easier for the smaller more athletic members to get the hang of, it is nonetheless a wonderfully simple water sport, requiring little more than the board and paddle, both of which can be rented in various places in Puerto Pollensa. Try Mallorca Kiteboarding & SUP - Kitesurfing school  &  Stand Up Paddle Pro Center.




12 water sports and activities in Puerto Pollensa


You don't need to own a yacht to enjoy sailing or boating around the Bay of Pollensa. But you do need a boat to get to the more remote and beautiful of the tiny coves on the wilder northern coast. You can charter boats of all sizes directly from the stands at the marina, they come with and without a skipper, and to suit all budgets. It may seem like a luxury and it will certainly feel like one, but it is highly recomendable and when it's too hot on the sand, it's magnificent and refreshing out on the water. Try ROBINSON BOAT TRIPS.




Kite surfing in Puerto Pollensa


There is one coastline on the island that draws the kitesurfing crowds and that's the northeastern coast all the way from Port de Pollensa's Llenaire beach to Son Serra de Marina where the pros go. This side of the island has long white sandy beaches and enough wind to get some descent kitesurfing in. You will need larger sales here, hence more weight, but the waves are good and the beach cafes are the coolest around. For kit, lessons and board hire, speak to Mallorca Kiteboarding & SUP - Kitesurfing school  &  Stand Up Paddle Pro Center.




Sea swimming in Puerto Pollensa


The simplest and purest of all water sports, kit-free, just man and the sea; swimming can be sport, leisure, therapy and child's play. If you love swimming, Mallorca will enchant you, the water is clear and along the rocky coastline it is alive with fauna. For a better view, go snorkelling. For the more sporty and competitive, there are sea races you can join, like the Pollensa Bay crossing, which takes place at the end of the summer.




Triathlon training in Puerto Pollensa


Triathlon training is not strictly a water sport, but it comes close and is so loved by our hotel guests that it deserves a mention. Besides, anyone that can do a 2,4 mile swim in the sea, often in less than clement weather deserves to be included here.

The island lends itself well to this sport as the terrain, infrastructure and climate are pretty much ideal; mountainous and flat roads, large safe bays, well established triathlon races and a cycling, running and swimming fraternity. And of course, the island's wonderful Mediterranean weather means that Mallorca attracts triathletes throughout the season, both for the Ironman and half Ironman events, as well as on some pretty hardcore triathlon training camps.




Scuba diving in Puerto Pollensa


You can get your PADI Diving Certificate here on the island and if you already have one, you can dive with sharks in the Palma Aquarium. But best of all, you can immerse yourself in an underwater wonderland full of of magical cave systems and sea life, away from the crowded beaches. For diving lessons, scuba tours and kit hire speak to Scuba Mallorca.




Cave diving in Puerto Pollensa


The island is a subaquatic swiss cheese, potted and funnelled with innumerable cave systems, some interconnected, some vast and deep, and mostly unchartered. The largest, discovered and mapped caves can be visited by the general public but even the well known caves are best explored with a local guide. Cave diving companies all round the island offer equipment hire and tours, and provide the logistics and sea transport to access some of the more remote underwater caverns. 




Coasteering and water sports in Puerto Pollensa 


Coasteering is a very particular activity, part mountain climbing, part sea swimming, which makes the most of Mallorca's singular coastline and is both extremely good fun and exciting at the same time. The sheer rockfaces rising out of the water on the north side of the island provide the perfect environment for practising the sport and require little more than a wetsuit and water shoes. Be prepared to do a fair amount of falling into the sea and clumbering back up at first. Great climbing practice for beginners aided by the bouncy cushion of the water below.




canyoning - Water sports in Puerto Pollensa


According to experts Sa Fosca is the the best Canyoning site in Europe, rated for its rock formations, dimension and orography. Canyoning enthusiasts come to Mallorca from all over the world to test themselves in this extraordinary place. It is essentially a section of the torrent of Gorg Blau, 2.500 m long, 5-6 on the difficulty scale, with a total blackout area 450 metres long. It has over 40 jumps across 6 Km with walls that rise up 300 m high. 




Cliff jumping - water sports in Puerto Pollensa


A child's sport, wonderfully performed by local teens, who fly into the air, looping and cartwheeling fearlessly off the tallest rocks. The older ones may tiptoe along the edge and jump carefully into the sea below. Either way, cliff jumping is thrilling and free. Check below first of course, don't go throwing yourself onto shallow rocks, and make sure there is an easy way back up. Unless of course, you plan to swim back to the beach.


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