The ultimate retiree bucket-list in Mallorca

6 no-holds barred, bucket-list ideas for retired adventurers on holiday in Mallorca


Exciting and fun things to do to celebrate your retirement on holiday in Mallorca - we dare you to add at least one of these ideas to your next bucket-list!

With your working days behind you, now is the moment to enjoy life fully and do all those crazy things you have always wanted to do and didn't have the time for. Most are based near our hotel in Port de Pollensa, though not all. We know this is the loveliest part of the island but there are some places worth exploring further afield too. 


1 - Rent a vintage motorbike and explore the island


The retiree's Bucket-list in Mallorca


Have you always dreamt of going on a road trip?

Mallorca's Serra de Tramuntana is certainly great for cycling and hiking, but what about riding a classic motorbike along its steep mountain roads? The road surfaces are good and the views pretty spectacular, and if you're on the island for a couple of days, this is your chance to indulge in that fabulous road trip you always wanted to take. There are small hilltop villages along the way with cafes, restaurants and eateries of every kind and if you are more inclined to the long road, then there's that too; take to the central plain and explore the old wineries on route.

Albion Motorcycles sell vintage bikes, Vintage Motors rent and will deliver to your hotel, and Mallorquin Bikes hire motorbikes and scooters and arrange guided tours.


2 - Zip line in a nature reserve in Mallorca's Tramuntana Mountains


The retiree's holiday bucket list in Mallorca


Do you miss the thrill of extreme sports in wild natural places?

Visit Mallorca's La Reserva Puig de Galatzó mountain area, deep in the Serra de Tramuntana in southwestern Mallorca, with the emblematic Puig de Galatzó mountain (1.026m) always present, waterfalls you can swim under and a wildlife reserve where animals unable to survive in the wild are given refuge. This is a majestic part of the island, and the nature reserve offers a guided 3,5km hike through evergreen oak forests full of endemic fauna and flora and for the brave, three 400m zip wires for that rush of adrenalin and a view over the treetops.


3 - Visit Mallorca's underwater caves


The retiree's holiday bucket list in Mallorca


Do you want to experience something really beautiful?

The island has a vast network of caves, both below ground and underwater. There are allegedly over 200 caves on the island, most of which are yet to be opened to the public, and many more are yet to be discovered. There are a few however which have been conditioned for visitors, with paths, stairs and electric lighting.

The most popular of these are the Coves del Drach (Dragon Caves) in Porto Cristo, which have Europe's largest known underwater lake, Lago Martel, about 170 m long and between 4 and 12 m deep. The tour follows a 1200m path past unbelievable rock and stalactite formationss, and takes about an hour to walk. It ends here at the lake with a classical floodlit concert. If you wish, you can take a boat trip back to the entrance. 

If that seems too far away for a day trip in Mallorca, other emblematic caves on the island include, Cuevas de Artá, Cuevas del Hams (also in Porto Cristo), and the Coves de Campanet, which are under half an hour's drive from our hotel in Port de Pollensa.


4 - Sing at an Open Mic one night in Port de Pollensa


The retiree's holiday bucket list in Mallorca


Will you dare sing in public?

For those who want to stand up and sing infront of an audience, or maybe you never have and would love to dare to try. The Nostalgia Bar in Port de Pollensa holds a Karaoke evening every evening at 10:30 pm until late, all year round. this is where British residents hang out when they're feeling, well, nostalgic. You can get a proper Sunday lunch, meet Brits who live in Mallorca and have fun singing your favourite songs!


 5 - Take a boat ride on the Bay of Pollensa


Would you like to see hidden coves on Mallorca's wild north coast?

There are a number of ways this can be done; you can rent a boat yourself, and depending on whether or not you have a skipper license, there will be some which you can and cannot let. You can also book a boat charter with a skipper and let someone else do the work for you. 

For a slow and leisurely ride out to Formentor beach and back, Xaurak boat charters have a Menorcan fishing boat, known locally as a llaüt, with room for 12 people, and offer morning, afternoon and evening trips as well as full day charters in the stunning Bay of Pollensa. This is a wonderful way to spend a hot summer's day, you can swim, kayak, snorkle and paddle board off the boat, basque in the sun on deck sipping chilled white wine (all drinks are included) and then end the trip with a delicious meal on deck, anchored off the fort at Chicken Bay.


6 - Go dolphin watching at dawn


The retiree's holiday bucket-list in Mallorca


Have you always dreamt of seeing dolphins in the wild?

We think it's too sad to see these beautiful creatures made to jump through loops in a chlorinated swimming pool, but there's another way, which is much kinder, and much more exciting. You can go out on a very early dolphin watching tour in Port de Pollensa with Robinson Boats. The boat is a large catamaran which sets out on Mondays and Thursdays at 6 am until the end of October. You get a coffee, orange juice and croissant on deck and they can pretty much guarantee you will see dolphins at sunrise because they follow the fishing boats and where there's fish, you will always find dolphins!

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