Late Season Holidays on Mallorca's North Coast

Aparthotel Duva late summer holidays

Mallorca is still baking hot and it's September. Autumn. Meant to be cooling down by now, and though we don't have the heat wave of July anymore, it's hot enough to swim in the sea and 

But it is September - With schools starting back in the UK, and in Spain most school children will be going to class next week, families with children are forced to cut holidays short at this time of year.  But, does that mark the end of the summer holidays then?

It's not the end of the Summer Holiday Season in Mallorca yet!

If you can, do take a Septemebr holiday in Mallorca, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Having waited through lockdowns and travel restrictions, not to mention all the awfulness of it all, some of us have at long last been able to enjoy a holiday this summer! The Puerto Pollensa forums online are abuzz with excitement as happy holidaymakers share their photos and stories. Puerto Pollensa this Summer has been a happy place at last. But not everyone got away this Summer.

And if you haven't yet, could you maybe still take a late summer holiday to Mallorca?

Autumn Escapes in the Mediterranean

Late summer cycling season in Mallorca

Cyclists do it. 

The cycling teams, the clubs and the training camps like this season best. Because they know Mallorca in autumn is a delight. With the sea still warm from the July heatwaves, and the cafes and restaurans still up and running. The weather begins to calm a bit, making daytime outdoors easier, and cycling possible, but it is still summertime in Mallorca in September and October.

Mallorca at this time of year is now fully focused on cycling trips. Cycling shops and cycle hire is buzzing, hotels are filling with sporty men and women, the mountain roads are dry and there are less drivers on the roads now too, which helps keep everyone safe. 

But, I haven't booked - Is it too late to get a last minute cycling hotel?

It certainly isn't too late! If you have your kit ready, get packing. If you don't have the kit, don't worry - you can hire everything you need in Mallorca. 

In Puerto Pollensa, in the north of Mallorca you will find a comrehensive array of cycling shops, centres, guides and cycling hotels. Not to mention the cycling cafes dotted around town, offering perfect fuelling stops along your route.

Cycling Cafes in Puerto Pollensa, on Mallorca's north coast

Late Season Holidays on Mallorca's North Coast

Store Formentor Deli & Bistro

A quick browse on TripAdvisor will show you just how many cafes there are in Puerto Pollensa, and though not all are geared specifically to cyclists, many are.

Our personal favourite at the moment is the Formentor STORE Deli and Bistro, excellently located at the beginning of the Formentor Road, with ample safe parking for bikes and shaded outdoor seating, this is the perfect reloading dock for cyclists on the way up or down from the Cape. 

And what about somewhere to stay?

Well, we will always have Aparthotel Duva of course!

Your Cycling Hotel in Puerto Pollensa, North Coast Mallorca

For more on cycling in Puerto Pollensa and the facilities at our hotel, please visit our website APARTHOTEL DUVA.

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