Triathlon hotel in Mallorca

Top triathlon base camp in Mallorca, a hotel for sports.

Triathlon hotel in Mallorca

The ideal base for active holidays in Mallorca, DUVA Triathlon Hotel in Mallorca specializes in cycling and triathlon tourism, providing facilities for triathletes and cyclists visiting the island on triathlon training camps and as individual triathletes. Our triathlon hotel in Mallorca combines specific services aimed at road cyclists and triathletes with a broad range of leisure activities for families. With fresh, local cuisine, a large well equipped SPA and WELLNESS centre, secure bike storage sheds and two large outdoor swimming pools, our triathlon hotel in Mallorca is not only the perfect getaway but a top triathlon and road cycling base in Mallorca.

Our reputation precedes us and our loyal hotel clients return yearly to our triathlon hotel in Mallorca to rest at our establishment secure in the knowledge that their stay at our triathlon hotel ensures comfort and ease in a well located and specialized hotel in Mallorca.

Triathlon friendly hotel facilities In Mallorca.

Duva triathlon hotel in Mallorca is ideally located on the outskirts of the small coastal town of Puerto Pollensa in the north of Mallorca, with the beach a mere 15 minutes’ walk away, 2 vast outdoor swimming pools and all the facilities required for triathlon training in Mallorca. We have a secure lock up and repair shed for bikes at our triathlon hotel in Mallorca, pro cycle bike shop for bike hire and supplies, indoor cycling room and gym, cycle ramp for a support vehicle, a healthy nutritionally balanced buffet with fresh local produce and high carb count and comfortable bright airy hotel rooms.

Triathlon training in Mallorca´s mountains.

A day spent training for a triathlon in Mallorca, battling a thousand metre ascents up the craggy ridges of the Tramuntana Mountains, hundreds of miles peddling on the long empty roads of the interior and open water swimming across the secluded horseshoe Bay of Puerto Pollensa (Mallorca), triathlon training in Mallorca is grueling and at the end of the day the weary triathlete is in need of a safe haven to rest a tired body and mind. A friendly triathlon hotel in Mallorca offers just that, a safe comfortable base to stow away your bikes for the night, replenish minerals and have a good restorative sleep. And ideally somewhere to regroup with the triathlon team, share a chilled beer, feet cooling in the shallow end of the pool and discuss and compare the day´s challenges.

Mallorca triathlon hotel staff ready to attend to the triathlete.

Well informed hotel staff with a good knowledge of cycling routes and triathlon training camps in Mallorca is needed to help triathletes with their schedules. The intricacies of planning a viable and fruitful triathlon training trip in Mallorca are many and the hotel staff at Duva triathlon hotel in Mallorca can assist with all kinds of queries and doubts, good cycle routes in Mallorca, service areas, transport information, sports events...

Triathlon hotel in Mallorca with a special buffet for triathletes.

A warm bowl of porridge is a great way to kick start the day and a good breakfast will carry you through the long hours of triathlon training. Nutrition is an important element in triathlon training and at our triathlon hotel in Mallorca we provide a healthy, hearty breakfast buffet and restorative suppers to replenish and comfort at the end of the day. Our triathlon hotel restaurant is open at dawn in the training season, aware that triathlon training schedules begin early to make the most of daylight hours.

Triathlon hotel in Mallorca bike lock up and bike repair.

One of the essential requirements for a good triathlon hotel in Mallorca is a safe place to leave your bike. At Duva sport hotel in Mallorca we have large secure storage sheds that will house up to 7 bikes each with a total capacity to securely store 250 bikes. Triathlon training and cycling groups can request the exclusive use of the separate sheds and keep their bikes together.

Another key component to a well kitted triathlon hotel in Mallorca is a repair workshop equipped with tools and space to tweak and fix your bike.

Plenty of hotel room for triathlon training camp groups in Mallorca.

Duva triathlon hotel in Mallorca can accommodate triathlon training camps and large groups of triathletes ensuring your whole team will be housed in adjoining apartments in the same area of the hotel. We also provide a comprehensive conference room for large strategy meetings and team building activities.

Great hotel location near cycle and triathlon routes in Mallorca.

Mallorca is an island of contrasts, hence its appeal to triathlon and cycling groups who visit the island to test themselves against its many challenges and take advantage of its mild winter climate. The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range runs along the entire SW to NE side of the island, sheer ascents to 1000 m and vertiginous descents in stunning scenery and well maintained roads while the centre is a vast open plain, a myriad of winding traffic free country lanes. Duva triathlon hotel is located in the north of Mallorca between the Lluc Monastery and the Cape of Formentor in the small coastal resort of Puerto Pollensa, ideally placed to take full advantage of the many choice cycle routes and mountain roads.

Triathlon hotel with gym and sport activities in Mallorca.

Duva triathlon hotel in Mallorca not only offers the facilities but puts the training in too. We provide a fully equipped gym and fitness centre, 2 large outdoor swimming pools, indoor cycling facilities and a diverse calendar of Pilates and various other training classes which all our hotel guests are welcome to join.

Triathlon hotel with sports massage services in Mallorca.

From world class professional triathletes to weekend joggers visiting our triathlon hotel in Mallorca the benefits of sports massage are manifold and a great addition to regular training. Sports massage can be geared specifically to the athlete´s sport of choice, traithlon or cycling, focusing on the areas of the body where the stress lies and is proven to be a valuable means to enhance pre-event triathlon preparation and reduce recovery time for maximum performance during training. Specially designed sports massage improves flexibility and endurance, reduces fatigue and helps prevent injury. At our triathlon hotel in Mallorca we offer professional sports massage services at the Spa and Wellness centre on the hotel premises.

Triathlon hotel Spa and Wellness Centre in Mallorca.

Duva triathlon hotel Spa and Wellness centre in Mallorca offers the weary athlete and triathlete a haven of relaxation and calm, a moment´s respite from the arduous triathlon training regime. The heated pool and Jacuzzi plays a vital restorative and distressing role in a well-balanced triathlon training camp schedule, relaxing tired over strained muscles and bruised limbs.


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