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Take On the Day with our Fabulous Duva Hotel Breakfast Spread! 

Special Breakfasts for Cyclists, Children, Lovers, Families, Birthdays and Hangovers

Hotel with breakfast in Mallorca

Our Duva hotel guests have been posting photos online of their hotel breakfasts on the terrace and this got me thinking:

Are we all passionate about breakfast, whatever it may entail? Is breakfast on holiday any different? Is breakfast important, and is a hotel with breakfast in Mallorca the very best way to go on holiday?

Mine is a cafe con leche and a croissant at my local café. I know I could make myself something at home but it is never quite the same, and on holiday... I simply love breakfast in bed.

But we are all so different and people are very particular about their breakfast; what you eat for breakfast, how it is cooked, prepared, presented...these things matter. They do to me, and I suspect they do to you too. 

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Some people say breakfast is not only an important daily meal but THE most important meal of the day. But then again other people say that it's good to fast til lunchtime. The jury may be out on that one, but there ain´t no holiday for me without the lovely luxury of breakfast served in the morning.... And it's a marker, isn't it? - it sets a standard on how you will feel for the rest of the day.

Get breakfast right and you are set to have a fabulous day!

And this is not any old day, not that such a thing exists. This is your holiday. You want every day to be absolutely perfect. And a delicious breakfast served on the hotel terrace in the warm morning sunshine at your hotel in Mallorca is one sure fire way of getting it right.


For much of the late winter and early spring our hotel with breakfast in Mallorca welcomes a tribe of cyclists and sportsmen and women over on the island for cycling holidays, bike tours, training camps and cycle tours of every kind, level and degree of professionalism.

We have amateurs and avid cyclists who simply love spending their holidays on their bikes, and we have pro cyclists and triathletes training for the season's big sportives and cycling events. And we have every level, age and kind of cyclist in between too.

A sports breakfast is not a luxury but a basic fueling necessity for these tough sportsmen and women and we need to provide them with a nutritional and balanced breakfast at the crack of dawn to make sure they are well stocked up to take on a whole day on the saddle.

And we do.

Early start cycling breakfasts are available in the buffet restaurant at our hotel every morning.

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Families with children tend to come later in the season, once schools break up for the holidays breakfast becomes an easy and fun way to start the day on holiday.

Here you won't need to worry about catering to children of different ages or tastes. We provide a full spread of everything you could possibly dream of having for breakfast. There are cereals and milk for the little ones, an array of fruit juices, toast and hot cooked breakfasts, fruit platters and healthy yogurts, nuts and berries, warm freshly baked pastries and delicious coffee and teas.

A hotel with breakfast in Mallorca is not only easy with kids but it also saves on all the shopping, preparing and washing and clearing up afterwards. And, after all, parents are on holiday too!

Hotel with breakfast in Mallorca


The kids get specially spoilt at our hotel. For a start we like kids at the Duva, they are very welcome in our restaurants and public places, if they make a noise we find it perfectly natural and we enjoy their funny, lively spirits and fresh outlook on life. 

Mallorcan children tend to have warm chocolate milk and biscuits for breakfast and then a larger snack mid morning so if you want to try out the Mallorcan way, you can bring your kids into breakfast as early as you like and then follow it up with a second later breakfast at the hotel buffet restaurant when they start getting hungry again.  If you have any special requests, we will see to it that we can provide you and your children with the breakfast they like best.

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Ah, and then there's that. Nothing like staying up way after dark by the pool, sipping cocktails after sun down, enjoying the end of the day... and if you´ve been out on your bike or shepherding young kids, you will have earned it. But by morning you may begin to doubt your wisdom and a hangover in the sun is a very delicate situation. 

Nothing will make you as good as a hearty breakfast in the shade, maybe a quick dip in the pool after. For more tips on how to beat a hangover, see: The Ultimate Summer Holiday Hangover Cure

We provide all the essential elements you need for a holiday to feel like a holiday: comfortable rooms, great cocktails and a healing breakfast in the morning. Add to that a lovely friendly and sunny place and you are set for another evening out. 


You are enjoying a romantic escape in a hotel in Mallorca and breakfast may be the last thing on your mind. You probably won't want to join the families with toddlers at the hotel restaurant either.

But breakfast can be a hugely sexy affair and at our hotel noone says where you have to enjoy breakfast. Maybe you would like it on the terrace, in the warm morning sunshine, where noone can see you. Maybe in bed... 

A delicious breakfast is certainly one way of enjoying the company of a new lover or long lasting partner and a fabulous way to start the day!

Welcome to our hotel with breakfast in Mallorca!

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