The Ultimate Guide to Cycling Holidays in Majorca

Everything you didn't know but need to know about cycling holidays in Majorca


Guide to cycling holidays in Majorca


Cycling holidays in Majorca can cover a whole stock of miscellaneous biking adventures; cycling trips, training camps and cycle tours, ranging in difficulty and covering the breadth of expertise and experience, from new-to-the-saddle beginners to pro-cycling national teams. As with everything else, Majorca covers all the basis and surprises often.

But it helps to come prepared. Whether it is making the right decision about transport or bike hire, choosing accommodation or what time of year to visit, it is always good to get a little info beforehand. 


Why choose Majorca?

We have perfect cycling weather conditions practically all year round and first class cycling facilities, all on a beautiful Mediterranean island, a short flight from most major European cities. 

Above all else however, cycling holidays in Majorca offer healthy and adventurous bike tours on safe and empty roads and a selection of great sport hotels on a cycling friendly island, happy to receive and accommodate cycling groups.

We have been talking about cycling holidays in Majorca for several years now and have covered all kinds of topics:

Cycle guides, biking tips and useful local advice on where to cycle, the most popular routes, the most challenging climbs, ideas on where to stay and what the best cycling friendly restaurants are, how to combine a cycling holiday in Majorca with a family trip, and much, much more.

With yet another successful cycling season coming to an end we thought you may like to revisit some of the most interesting blogs on cycling and recap on rides, routes, meals, bike services and all the things you most like and need to know about cycling holidays in Majorca.


10 very good reasons to choose Majorca for your next cycling holidays

The ultimate guide to cycling holidays in Majorca 

Why choose Majorca for your cycling holiday? 

Check out this article on Majorca as a cycling destination. You may be surprised at just how much Majorca can offer!

From amazing cycling routes to high end hassle free bike hire, with top sports hotels and fully comprehensive training camps, Mallorca was just made for cycling holidays. Here we look at its 10 best features and how Majorca has simply got it covered. 

With over 1200 km of roads, byroads and country tracks which cover the entire island, a week of cycling holidays in Majorca may not even be enough. There are routes that climb the steepest peaks of the Tramuntana Mountains, challenging and extreme, there are 550km of coastal roads which take you round the entire island and a criss-cross of routes in the rolling flats of the interior for clocking up the miles, enjoying the ride and discovering the food and wine of Majorca's last frontier.

The growing demand for cycling holidays in Majorca has led to a myriad of related bike and cycling services to spring up, offering anything from cycle transfers to kit and bike hire, insurance and medical cover, guides, training camps and all kinds of cycling friendly extras. There are professional and experienced bike repair and bike rental shops in the north of the island specializing in high quality bikes for hire. And cycling friendly eateries where you can safely lock up and refuel are growing in number and with demand, in quality.


How to plan a cycling tour in Majorca in 7 easy steps: 

How to plan a cycling tour in Mallorca 

We will take you on a step by step, easy to use, 7 part guide on what to do, where to go and how to go about it. From deciding on your destination to planning your routes, we try to take the stress out and just leave you with the adrenalin fuelled fun of escaping home and work and embarking on a week-long cycling tour in Mallorca.

Some things you will know already but sometimes there's nothing better than having everything you need to know summed up and simplified, so you can tick off a list and know you have covered your tracks. 

Cycling Holidays in Majorca require a fair deal of forward planning and getting a couple of things right from the start will save you immeasurable time and money further down the line.


Top 5 cycling routes in Majorca

Cycling holidays in Majorca - Top routes

Here is our selection of the top 5 cycling routes in Mallorca

There are many, many more of course and in you are sure to discover more on your cycling holidays in Majorca, but here we have selected the 5 top rides any self-respecting cyclist needs to try. We are set on an island that is small and varied with miles of flats, rolling hills, sheer switch-back climbs and exhilarating descents, and conveniently located near some of the best cycling routes in Mallorca.

The Tramuntana Mountains ripple up the north coast towards Formentor, at its northernmost point, providing a stunning scenic backdrop and exciting hilly rides a short ride from the hotel, while the 1000 km2 range has a near endless array of cycling routes through mountain villages and down to the sea. The 550 km of coastal roads are great for gentler cycling routes and along the length of the island, down its eastern side and in the centre, miles of flats and empty roads through Mallorca's wine region make for leisurely cycling holidays in Majorca's forgotten interior.


Cycling holidays in Port Pollensa

Cycling holidays in Port Pollensa

And to help you narrow down your search, we suggest you base your holidays in Port Pollensa, or Puerto Pollensa, as it is called in Spanish.

As a top cycling destination in its own right, Port Pollensa draws training camps, amateur and professional cyclists, as well as triathlon groups, clubs and teams to the island from January and throughout the cycling training season, while cyclists of all levels, ages and nationalities choose Port Pollensa for their cycling holidays in Majorca, making it the top cycling holiday hot spot on the island, one of Europe´s most respected cycle destinations and a great place to use as a base for cycling holidays in Majorca.


Ironman training in Puerto Pollensa

Cycling holidays in Majorca - Ironman Training

Ironman training in Puerto Pollensa 

An ironman race is no small undertaking and getting your ironman training regime right from the start is key to staying uninjured and successfully completing the race. As host to both a half and a full Ironman, Majorca is a great place for training, and a cycling holidays in Majorca offer prime conditions for mild weathered sea swimming, running and cycling when it just isn't warm enough yet at home.

For some, more than cycling holidays in Majorca, it is training camps in Majorca they are after and taking advantage of the temperate Mediterranean climate in winter is what draws them to Majorca out of season.

It isn't that surprising that tens of thousands of cyclists come to Majorca every year to test their mettle and train up in preparation for the big season sportives. Taking to the island's high mountain roads and sea swimming in November or March cannot easily be undertaken anywhere, certainly not in England, where the roads are icy and swim training is confined to heated indoor pools. However, cycling holidays in Majorca do offer the necessary conditions for just that. 

With expert help from local ironman veterans and professional fitness instructors and personal trainers, as well as from interesting articles sourced worldwide, we offer you 10 simple yet fundamental guidelines for Ironman training in Majorca, at our Port Pollensa hotel. 


Eating out in the top cycling restaurants in Majorca 

Cycling holidays in Majorca - Cycling restaurants and cafes


Here is the Duva Hotel selection of the best - Cycling restaurants in Majorca

Having worked out where to go for your cycling holidays, planned your trip to Majorca, designed an itinerary, choosen the best routes and found a hotel is hungry work, now you are going to want to know where to eat on your cycling holidays in Majorca!

Choosing just a few restaurants out of the thousands on offer is no easy task, and as eateries close down and change hands, the list will necessarily morph and change as well. However, for now, I have selected what I think are some of the coolest, quirkiest and best located cycling restaurants in Mallorca, cycling friendly places to eat along the most popular routes, restaurants with safe parking areas for bikes and restaurants that serve delicious food with generous helpings.

You may want to plan your cycling holidays in Majorca not only around the best and most challenging rides, but also around the best cycling restaurants in Majorca. From beach cafes on the sand to mountain lodges at the end of the toughest climbs, high end cuisine, hearty traditional meals and fresh local produce, there are many fabulous cycling restaurants in Majorca to choose from.


A Hotel for cycling holidays in Majorca

Cycling holidays in Majorca - Port Pollensa sport hotel

Puerto Pollensa cycling hotel

Choosing the right cycling hotel is an important part of getting your cycling holidays in Majorca just right.

A hotel with self-catering apartments in Puerto Pollensa is simply a most comfortable option for cycling holidays in Majorca. Our cycling guests enjoy the functionality and comfort of our apartments and the service of a large hotel. Large groups of cyclists, bike camps and training camps all regularly book into our hotel in Puerto Pollensa for their cycling holidays in Majorca.

The pro cycle training ground of choice are the Tramuntana Mountains which run along the entire SW to NE coastal ridge of the island, from Andratx to Port Pollensa, and right past our hotel. This is the ultimate cycling challenge with sheer climbs and vertiginous descents over miles of traffic free roads. 


Cycling holidays in Majorca with all the Extras

In order to make your cycling holidays in Majorca a fully comprehensive experience we have teamed up with a number of cycling service providers and can now offer top end bike hire and cycling transfers to and from the airport and anywhere on the island.

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