Easter spring break in the Port of Pollensa


Easter spring break in Port Pollensa




The spring break is almost here, only a few hundred days away - and then the weather will change, the days will feel longer, and the holiday season will begin, at long last. It may not seem like it is almost here, but it isn't all that far away. Not too soon to start planning for either, as the earlier you get flights, taxi and hotels sorted the longer you get to look forward to it, and the better you will feel when youy get here; much more relaxed and organised.


Easter Week in Port de Pollensa


Easter is a Christian Holy Week, marking the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross. As happens with most religious festivities, it coincides with an earlier celebration; the Jewish Passover.

It may seem somewhat archaic to us. But the Easter date changes every year and is decided using a complex set of calculations based on the lunar cycle. Easter Sunday follows the first full moon after the spring equinox, which is on Friday the 20th of March, this year.

And Passover also begins on the night of the first full moon after the spring equinox. 

Easter Processions on the streets of Port de Pollensa and Pollensa old town are a sombre and highly ritualised affair. If you want to see Mallorca at its most traditional, go to Pollensa's Good Friday evening procession down the Calvario Steps.


Easter Dates for 2020


The Christian Easter festival changes date every year, and unbelievably, eastern and western churches celebrate it on different dates. It is a complicated affair, working out the Easter dates, and one that seems more based on the lunar cycles than anything else. 

The principal dates for this year's Easter holidays are as follow:


Good Friday is on April 10th

Easter Sunday is on April 12th

Easter Monday is on April 13th


Easter School Holidays 2020


Though dates vary from school to school and between counties, not to mention different countries, in the UK this year's Easter holidays will fall somewhere between the 3rd and the 20th of April. 

And by this time the weather has usually warned up enough to provide the sunshine and heat we all want on a holiday in Port de Pollensa. 


Cycling at Easter in Port de Pollensa


The weather beckons, and though the sea is still cold after the winter, it can get pretty hot at midday. Perfect cycling weather. And the roads are empty so it is safer too. This is the time of year to tackle the formidable climbs of Sa Calobra, Coll de sa Batalla and Coll de Soller, enjoy the peaceful beauty of the coastal and interior roads and ideal too, if you want to combine your cycling trip witha family holiday.


Child friendly hotel in Port de Pollensa


Because, though we do consider ourselves a specialised Sport and Cycling Hotel, we are first and foremost a family hotel, open to everyone, and that means children. We love em! They are our best customers, the ones that have the most fun and really, the ones that ask for the least. And let's face it, they are our futute clients!

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