Hotel for cyclists in Mallorca

What a cycling hotel can offer you in Mallorca

 Hotel for cyclists in Mallorca


We offer comfortable, self-catering apartments with en-suite facilities, air conditioning, satellite TV, beds with high quality mattresses, telephone, safe and a terrace… But a good hotel for cyclists in Mallorca must also provide other services; a cycling area, secure storage for bicycles, hire facilities, shuttle services, sports meals and staff well versed in the needs and requirements of the cycling community. And then there's the location... near good cycle routes.


Special services at DUVA SPORT HOTEL in Mallorca

Top Cycling Location

We may as well start with the most important part. Mallorca is a fabulous island to cycle on and a week's holiday training in the Tramuntana and on the interior plains is a delight out of season (in cycling season) when tourism is at all time low, the roads are empty and dry and cycling friendly accommodation is available at the island's top hotels. At Duva we are delighted to be so well placed, near the best routes, so we can provide a great location too!

Cycling-Friendly Staff 

Qualified staff are always ready to help with any requirements or special services. We can offer cycling advice and help choosing itineraries or cycling routes, and any extra services, like cycling transfers, shuttles and support vehicles. We can also put you in contact with fellow cyclists and arrange for you to join group rides, And above all, we are here to make sure you are comfortable, well cared for and have the best cycling trip we can possibly provide.

Cycling-Friendly Meeting Rooms

A comfortable meeting room is useful for pre and post training re-cap sessions, especially for big groups and training camps with multi-level cyclists. This is a place to meet and plan routes, discuss difficulty levels and organizethe following day's training plan.

Bike Workshop

The bike workshop inside the hotel is fully kitted and staffed to deal with any emergency repairs. It is equipped with tools and spare part kits for simple repairs and washing facilities for both bikes and clothing.

Adapted Sports Diet 

Our chefs work with the help of a sport dietitian to provide highly nutritional and delicious meals for our cycling and sports guests. We offer extra proteins and calories at the early-bird breakfast (hot drinks, fruit juices, baguettes, croissants, butter and jam, yogurt, cereals), cheese/ham, banana (or apple or orange) and extra pasta is served every night at dinner time. 

State-of-the-art Gym

Cycling season in Mallorca is mostly temperate with clear blue skies and dry roads. However, should it rain during your cycle holiday we can provide a state-of-the-art gym with an indoor cycling room. No day's training will be wasted!


Hotel for cyclists in Mallorca

Spa and Wellness Centre

Versatile facilities, ideal for relaxation and as a compliment to training, such as the heated pool, fitness studio and Spa are important in a hotel for cyclists in Mallorca. We offer also a special massage services for cyclists with physiotherapists specialised in sports massage.

Secure Bike Lock Up

We offer a safe cycling storage area with 24 hr video surveillance and an access ramp for support vehicles. We have bicycle racks, bike cages and a workshop area for bicycle care and maintenance.

Bike Hire Service

If you decide against bringing your bike with you to Mallorca you can hire one directly at the hotel. We offer all our guests the option of hiring a professional bike at highly competitive rates with our official partner: Pro Cycle Hire, who have a small bike hire shop on the hotel grounds. 

Bike Area

As befits any self respecting sport hotel, Hotel Duva has a specialist cycle area within the hotel (with cycling magazines, information on routes and destinations, bike facilities, etc.).

Comfortable Hotel Rooms

You may be out riding all day and by the pool in the evenings but at night you will need a good rest. Comfortable and beautifully designed apartments with two or three beds are the ideal cycling accommodation; private, self-catering hotel rooms to escape to and re-set after a long day out on your bike.