11 - News Update on COVID19


Health and Safety measures at Duva Hotel


General Safety Instructions in the Balearics


Though infection rates in the Balearics remain low, the summer rise has led to slightly stricter health and safety measures being imposed.
These include a partial ban on outdoor smoking, nightclub closures and a reduction in capacity allowances for indoor spaces, shops, culture centres, events and eating establisments.
In terms of how these new measures may affect our hotel guests, let's have a look at those that apply to the hotel and hospitality industry and sports activities: 


Hotels and Restaurants


- 75% capacity, with a maximum of 10 people per table or group of tables and a minimum safety distance of 1.5 meters.
- Consumption at the bar is permitted providing that the minimum security distance is maintained.
- Cafe terraces - Groups of up to 10 people, maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between tables.
- Closure by decree - Nightclubs, karaoke, and cocktail bars with or without live musical performances.
- Payment by card is advised, avoiding the use of cash as much as possible.

- Toilets - the maximum occupancy will be 50% of the number of stalls / urinals.


Sports and Leisure


- Individual, team and contact sports - Max 75% capacity, may be carried out in public, with maximum of 300 people including athletes.
- Sports facilities may carry out individual, team based and contact sporting activities, providing 2.25 m² surface area is not exceeded.
- Use of changing rooms and showers is permitted.
- Sports campuses, schools and clinics are permitted.

- Recreational pools will not exceed a maximum capacity of 75%, guaranteeing the safety distance and using schedules.

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