8 - News Update on COVID19

 Covid News Update


British visitors can now enjoy a holiday in Mallorca without isolating


In a bid to force reciprocity, Spain's foreign minister Gonzalez Laya declared that as of yesterday, Monday 21st of June, British tourists will be allowed to enter Spain without having to observe the 2 week quarantine - the same treatment as that awarded to all EU and Schengen State members entering Spain.

UK quarantine measures currently in place stipulate that everyone entering the UK will have to self-isolate for 2 weeks.

As things stand, British holidaymakers entering Spain need only register upon arrival and state their accomodation address, so if new cases were to arise, they could be speedily located and isolated. 

By this act of goodwill Spain is hoping the measure will be reciprocated allowing those arriving in the UK to also register and thus avoid the 14 day self-isolation period currently in place.

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