6 - News Update on COVID19

Hotel Duva - Balearics - Phase 3


Mallorca enters a new phase - Phase 3 - and gets a bit closer to lifting off again!


As of today Monday 8th of June, the Balearic Islands go into Phase 3 of the de escalation plan, which is organised as a series of fortnightly stages - from the rigid quarantine measures of full lockdown to the eventual return to normal. or the new normal, as it is being called.


So, what can you do now in Mallorca in Phase 3?


- Time Restrictions - There are no more time restrictions on going out. Up to 20 people can meet, on the street, in bars, cafes, restaurants, on the beach and in private homes.

- Inter-Island Travel - Public transport resumes between islands - You can go by plane or boat to Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera. 

- Shops and Services, which have been opening already, can now have 50% capacity.

- Schools - reopen in theory, because in practice it is almost the end of term - creches and schools for 0-3 yr olds reopen fully. Other schools and academies open for private tutorials and extra curricular help.

- Museums, Cinemas and Theatres - Up to 50% capacity.

- Youth Hostes and Holiday Camps  - for children and teenagers reopen - groups up to 10.

- Natural Parks - fully reopen, but allow 50% capacity, as do aquariums and zoos.

- Bars and Cafes - can have 75% full indoors and outdoors. 2 m distancing at the bar.

- Outdoor Markets - 50% of the stands.

- Social Services - 2 visits a week to homes and residences. Day Centres open at 50%.

- Weddings & Funerals - Churches can have 75% capacity, weddings Max. 150 people outdoors, 75 people indoors. Funerals, Max. 50 people outdoors and 25 people indoors.

- Congresses and Business Meetings - Maximum 80 people. Social distancing.

- Hotels - Up to 60% capacity in public areas.

- Sports Centres and Gyms - 60% capacity and max. 20 people with no physiscal contact. Use of changing rooms and showers permitted.

- Sports - Competitions allowed with no public.


What has flagged up by omission is the Balearic Government's vetoing of night clubs, late night bars and discos reopening. Though phase 3 does permit night clubs to reopen up to 30% capacity, regional governments can make their own decisions on certain measures and Balearic president Armengol has requested they remain closed, stating that in other countries it has often been in these kind of places that there have been new outbreaks. So they will remain closed for the time being.


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