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Can I swim in the hotel pool?


Covid News -Can I use the hotel pool


Many of you have expressed concerns about how we will manage guests using the communal hotel swimming pools at Duva once the Spanish boarders reopen and we can welcome you back on holiday to Port de Pollensa.

As always,we are following the state-led de-escalation plan and will not be able to welcome you back until tourists are allowed back on the island. But once this happens and you can fly over for a holiday, how are we going to manage hotel guests around the pool?

It is a tricky question and you are right ask. We have been looking into it, and this is what we have found so far.

Carefully and systematically sanitised swimming pools could be one of the safest and most controlled environments, as long as we all take the necessary precautions, says Vincenzo Romano Spica, Professor of Hygiene at the University of Rome “Foro Italico”. 

What precautions, you may ask? In the article in Swimming World Magazine Professor Spica explains that as long as the surrounding area of the pool is properly sanitised, there are clear regulations in place and pool users observe careful and disciplined social distancing measures, swimming in a communal hotel pool it is not considered to be a health risk.

"At the moment there is no epidemiological evidence that can demonstrate a particular role of swimming pools in the spread of Covid. Most likely, in fact, if general prevention measures are respected, swimming pools could also be among the safest and most controllable structures."

Furthermore, "as far as experts know, there has been no transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19 through water in pools or hot tubs as long as they are properly maintained and disinfected." UC Health Today

Having said this, we will adhere to government guidelines on pool usage in hotels at all times.

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