2 - News on COVID19

Spain is aiming to open its borders to tourism by the end of June



The central government in Madrid announced on Monday that it wants to start tourism from late June, in time with the last phase of the de-escalation plan which would allow the Spanish population to travel between regions, and to the islands.

A further announcement, which came as a bit of a surprise, was the plan to implement a 2-week quarantine to foreign arrivals. This however, seems to be a temporary measure that will also be phased out by the time all the regions reach full de-escalation and the country fully reopens its borders.

Mallorca and its fellow Balearic Islands, along with the Canaries, are steaming ahead of most of Spain in this respect, and have enjoyed a week of outdoors, exercise, partially opened cafe pavements and a few restaurants and small businesses. 

We are now planning and implementing safety measures to make it possible for you to come on holiday this summer, if and when the borders open at last.

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