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Mallorca moves into Phase 1


Mallorca moves into phase 1


As of Monday 11th of May, Mallorca has been granted passage to Phase 1. The other Balearics islands of Menorca and Ibiza are also going into Phase 1, while the diminutive island of Formentera was already passed through earlier because there were no cases and the population is small.

This is a great breakthrough.

We have been very good. And have endured what seems to be one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe : only allowed out of the house individually, for essentials, ie: food and medicine.

Already last week things began to change, and one hour of exercise was allowed, for thefirst tme in 6 weeks. Children were also finally allowed out!

So as from now we can take the kids to visit family and friends. We do have to continue observing social distance and can only meet with up to 10 people... but it's a start and the sign that the containment has been working.

We can also practice sport within our municipality, ie: Pollensa, and we can go out for a drink. Cafes and restaurants that have outdoor areas can open at half capacity, with chairs and tables spread out.

So, for now the island is opening up. We are still only allowed to move within the island... but things are definitely looking up!



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