10 - News Update on COVID19

 Health and safety measures at Duva Hotel


Precautionary health and social measures at our hotel in Mallorca




All our staff have undergone specific training on COVID-19, and new prevention and disinfection protocols, and have been provided with the necessary PPEs for their job.

Furthermore, at the beginning of each working day, all members of staff will be given a body temperature test.




We have implemented strict capacity measures for the hotel's main entrace hall, as well as putting up signs to remind visitors to respect the required social distancing of 1.5 meters.

A disinfection center has been set up at the entrance and the use of masks is mandatory.

Online check-in.




All non-essential products (brochures, laundry bags, decorative items) have been removed.

Daily cleaning is carried out when the client has left the apartment, including daily disinfection of common elements such as a TV remote control, bedside tables, hair dryer). The apartment will be aired and cross contamination of lingerie will be avoided. Dirty clothing will be placed in a bag before being removed from the room.

New viricidal disinfectants authorized by the Health Authorities are being used. When guests check out the rooms are completely sanitized.




Limited capacity in dining room with 1.5 meter table spacing.

Hydroalcoholic gel for cleaning hands available at the entrance.

The buffet system is maintained with compulsory distancing and mandatory use of masks, as well as the use of single-use plastic gloves every time you go to get more food or drink.

Disinfection of dining room, buffet and show-cooking after each service.

The entire area will be aerated after each service.

In the bars, social distance between the tables is maintained and they are disinfected after each use.

In the kitchen the APPC plan is maintained by increasing the disinfection frequencies. All pand roducts goods from our suppliers are unpacked and disinfected before entering the kitchen.




Due to limited capacity all guests will be asked to book Spa and gym facilities in advance.

Each device/machine will be disinfected after every use.

Increased frequency of cleaning of rooms and changing rooms.




6 daily disinfections of the hotel hall areas (railings, elevators, services, furniture)

Daily disinfection around the pool: of sunbeds, solarium and parasols.

We will be monitoring capacity and distances between sunbeds.

Daily disinfection of playground area.

Daily disinfection of passage areas and door knobs in rooms.



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