Easter holidays in a hotel in Mallorca



Holy Week - What's on in Mallorca, Cycling in Spring and Family Holidays in the Sunshine this Easter


The next big school break on the holiday calendar is Easter Week and this year Easter falls on April 12th, with the school break running from the 3rd to the 20th of April, which is fairly late in the year and lucky for us, means the weather in Mallorca will be better than ever!


What's the weather like in Mallorca in April?


Contrary to popular belief, Mallorca does have a winter, though surprising for some, the coldest months are actually sometime between mid January and mid March. Did you know it frequently snows up in the Tramuntana Mountains in February? It does! The white peaks can be seen from Pollensa old town, and the road to Lluc Monastery gets cut off. It can be quite dramatic and really beautiful. But not what you want for a holiday break.

Then it starts warming up. April is a favourite month with the cycling crowd too, who pour on to the island on training camps and cycling tours, and for families enjoying the school holidays. 

Average weather temperatures for April in Mallorca are around the 20ºF mark with bright clear days and cold nights. It is perfect weather for sports, outdoor activities and people (especially children) with very fair skin.


Easter school holidays in a hotel in Mallorca


What to do in Mallorca with kids this Easter


The Easter holidays are possibly best suited to families with young children if only because the weather is milder than the scorching burning July heat waves we often see in Mallorca. But it's cheaper too, and there is more availability, so more choice. And it is less crowded. 

But best of all spring is beautiful on the island and the best time of year to get outside. There are all kinds of water sports to try, like kayaking, sailing and paddle boarding where you don't even really have to get into the water, and scuba or snorkling. There are underwater caves to discover and high peaks to climb.

This is also a good place for birding, horse riding and walking in the mountains. There are infinite activities you can enjoy with the kids, from adrenaline filled adventures like climbing and rock jumping, water parks, paintballing, go-karting and the tarzanesque jungle park, and places to take them like the Aquarium or the Cinema.

For more info: Fun things to do in Port de Pollensa with kids 


Mallorca's Easter traditions and fiestas


Surreal and eerie, the Easter processions in Mallorca can come as a surprise. Most of us tend to only think about the tourist face of this country and island: the summer, sangria, paella and golden beaches, wonderful hotels with swimming pools, beautiful sunsets.

We rarely give a second thought to the people, traditions and culture of the places we visit. It's quite normal. We all do it. Desperately in need of a break, enjoying some time off work, with family and friends, the islands and seasides we land on tend to be just a spot where we chill and enjoy ourselves.

But there is another side to this island, and country. I tend to think it's probably best left alone. The least it is disturbed the better it will survive. But noone minds if you take a peak.

The Easter processions exemplify this particularly well, steeped in Catholicism and ritual, they are entirely unconnected to the Mallorca most of us know. 


Easter holidays in a hotel in Mallorca


The Easter Holiday Calendar in Full:


Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Easter Week, where the streets of every town are lined with Palm branches commemorating Jesus' trimphal arrival in Jerussalem.


Holy Thursday is the most sombre of the processions of the week, with the slow march of the parish brotherhoods, dressed in penitential robes and conical hoods, most reminiscent of the Klu Klax Klan, but entirely unrelated, as they carry heavy religious statues above the crowds who line the streets in total silence.


Good Friday is the most important day of the Easter week, the reenactment of the Passion of Christ, the Crucifixion. In Pollensa, the Devallament, as it is known in Mallorquin, is especially moving. It takes place on the Calvario steps and sees the figure of Christ walking down the steps carrying his heavy wooden cross, surrounded by his Roman executioners. 


Easter Sunday marks the reunion between the resurrected Jesus and his mother Mary, whereby statues of them are carried down the streets to meet in the centre of town.


Family & cycling holidays this Easter in Mallorca


Easter holidays in a hotel in Mallorca


Aside from fun activities and religious liturgies, Easter is particularly loved by cyclists, because this is when the hotels are open again and the weather is perfect. The days are getting longer, the roads are dry yet still fairly empty and all bike services, bike hire, transfers, guides and cyling cafes are back in business after the winter lull. 

As you probably know, we are a sport hotel in Port de Pollensa, on Mallorca's north coast and especialise in cycling during the Spring and Autumn months.

We provide everything we think you need for cycling holidays on the island: comfortable self-contained apartments with kitchens and balconies, buffet meals, pool side cafes, swimming pools, spa and fitness centre with indoor cycling room in the gym, sport massages, a cycling info area with well-informed staff, secure bike lock up and garage with an access ramp, bike hire and shop on the premises and cycling shuttles to and from the airport and to the start or end of routes.


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