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Rollerski in Mallorca - Aparthotel in Port Pollenca

Off-snow, cross-country skiing which simulates winter skiing, but on tarmac, is a summer training exercise used by cross-country ski teams in the off-season and our rollerski hotel in Mallorca is the ideal rollerski destination.

Our rollerski hotel in Mallorca - Base Camp Mallorca

At our rollerski hotel in Mallorca we welcome rollerski teams practically all year round and can provide the best base, facilities and location for highly effective, pre-season rollerski training in Mallorca.

Mallorca is unique as a rollerski training spot in that it has this varied and extreme terrain, a modern, well maintained road system and hundreds of safe, rollerski roads and backroads.

Deportista de Rollerski en Port Pollensa

Photo: Courtesy of Rollerski Mallorca

Popular as a holiday destination, Mallorca enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate and is easily accessible, with an international airport and regular, direct flights from anywhere in Europe.

Mallorca sport hotel for rollerski in Mallorca in Puerto Pollensa

With the added bonus of a specialized sport and rollerski hotel in Mallorca, you have a winning combination; a rollerski hotel in Mallorca, near the best rollerski routes on the island, with great traffic-free roads and weather, and the facilities of a top sporthotel.

Our rollerski hotel in Mallorca is a recognized sporthotel in the north of the island, a high quality facility with self catering apartments and a fabulous spa and wellness centre, situated on the edge of Puerto Pollensa.

A brief history of rollerskiing - Rollerski hotel in Mallorca

Rollerskiing has been around for almost a century, though it wasn’t until the 1990's that it started to become well known. Today, it is a highly popular, warm weather training sport used by thousands of skiers during the summer months and increasingly, rollerski and ski teams can be seen on the Mallorca roads.

Rollerski was first seen in Italy in the 1930's. Then, from the 1950's to the 1970's, as cross-country skiing became increasingly popular, various attempts were made to put wheels on skis. By the 70's a standard emerged.

The first European roller ski championships took place in the Netherlands in 1988, and in 1992 the International Ski federation recognized roller skiing as a sport in its own right.

Rollerski Mallorca - Guided tours near your hotel

Distinct from rollerblading and other forms of skating, rollerskiing uses the exact same techniques and body movements as skiing and is thus a highly effective way of keeping up your skiing skills, balance, strength and endurance, out of season.

If you want to rollerski in Mallorca but don't know where to start or how to go about it, contact Rollerski Mallorca. They run individual and group traning sessions, organised tours, specialist courses and adventure holidays from their base in Soller, in the very heart of the Tramuntana Mountains. Rollerski Mallorca can also provide support vehicles and transport for rollerski groups and teams training on the island.

A rollerski hotel in Mallorca for pre season training

Today, rollerski hotels are popping up in places where the terrain and climate are suitable. Mallorca is undoubtedly one such place and our rollerski hotel in Mallorca, located in the north of the island, just outside Puerto Pollensa, has become a well loved rollerski hotel in Mallorca and a place to meet and join other rollerski teams riding on the island.

Our rollerski hotel in Mallorca provides high end facilities, with an indoor pool, well equipped and staffed gym, a large outdoor pool, buffet restaurant and comfortable, self catering apartments set in a beautiful location, in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains.

Rollerski in Mallorca - The Serra de Tramuntana Mountains

Mallorca's most emblematic feature, the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains which can be seen clearly from our rollerski hotel in Mallorca, run the length of the island, covering 1000 km2 from SW to NE. And it is here in the foothills of Mallorca's mountains that most rollerski teams come to train.

Pit sops for refueling on route can be made at the many hilltop villages, with cafes and restaurants around sunny plazas serving drinks and snack and largely thanks to the immense popularity of cycling in Mallorca, local shops provide snacks and energy bars and gels.

Rollerski hotel in Mallorca near good routes

Duva sport and rollerski hotel in Mallorca is located in Puerto Pollensa, on the road to Pollensa.

To the north you have the Formentor Peninsula, a short, steep ride with hairpin bends and breathtaking sea views, to the northernmost point of the island.

To the west you have the Tramuntana Mountains, a favourite rollerski route.  First head towards Pollensa, 6km down the road from our rollerski hotel in Mallorca and then climb to the Lluc monastery, some 22 Km from Pollensa old town. From here you can continue south or alternatively, loop round and return on the flats.

South of our rollerski hotel in Mallorca you have the island’s central plain, with thousands of crisscrossing routes which stretch right down to the other side of the island. 

To the east you can take the coastal route down to Alcudia and on through the wetlands or stick to the beach road and head south.

A rollerski hotel in Mallorca in a warm Mediterranean climate

Climate is undoubtedly another major deciding factor in choosing your rollerski hotel in Mallorca and climate is one thing Mallorca does remarkably well.

An average of 300 days of sunshine a year and a long mild autumn and winter, means you can train at a rollerski hotel in Mallorca practically all year round. Temperatures begin to drop in late September and the following 2 months are the most suitable.

Pre skiing season, a rollerski hotel in Mallorca provides comfortable accommodation in mild Mediterranean autumn weather, for long sunny days outdoors.

However, if you are thinking of heading from your rollerski hotel in Mallorca to the mountains, make sure to take layers, the heights and tree cover makes it a good few degrees cooler than down in the flats. 

Rollerski equipment at our rollerski hotel in Mallorca

As well as being a particularly well rounded sport, a great ski workout and a thrilling activity, rollerski requires little equipment and can be easily transported to your rollerski hotel in Mallorca.

Rollerskis, poles, boots, a helmet, protective eyewear, gloves and knee and elbow pads are pretty much all you require to practice rollerskiing and most airlines will carry your rollerski kit for free or a small fee.

Our rollerski hotel in Mallorca can possibly source, hire or purchase any extra equipment you may require for your stay, depending largely on availbility on the island. If you wish to post your equipment to our rollerski hotel in Mallorca, please contact us for further arrangements.

Rollerski hotel in Mallorca – Basically, a good idea

Whether you are part of a pro ski team or an enthusiastic newcomer, a keen skier looking for somewhere to keep fit or someone who loves a new challenge, rollerskiing in Mallorca is a highly rounded sport.  

A no-impact sport which allows for long endurance rides in a fabulous environment, with fresh, clean air, beautiful scenery, varied and extreme terrain a short haul flight from home.

If you add to this a rollerski hotel in Mallorca with friendly service and comfortable accommodation, you are set to have a fabulous stay.

We hope you enjoy our rolleski hotel in Mallorca!

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