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Mallorca Cycling Holidays

Enjoying a Mallorca Cycling Holidays is the best option for cycling lovers. Apartahotel Duva is the perfect accommodation for cyclists in the north of Mallorca. This accommodation, located in Puerto Pollensa, is a specialised aparthotel for cyclists and has a specialised bike shop.

Best time to Mallorca Cycling Holidays

Spring (March-May) is considered the peak cycling season in Mallorca, offering mild temperatures, longer days, and fewer crowds. This period is ideal for those seeking comfortable riding conditions without the intense summer heat.

Autumn (September-October) is another excellent time to visit, with cooler temperatures and fewer tourists, though there is a slightly higher chance of rain.

Mallorca Cycling Holidays

Seasonal Highlights for your Mallorca Cycling Holidays

  • Spring (March-May):Peak cycling season with mild temperatures and longer days.

  • Autumn (September-October):Cooler temperatures, fewer tourists, and good cycling conditions.

It's worth noting that the Tramuntana mountains can have a slightly cooler microclimate compared to the rest of the island, making them a popular destination during the warmer months.

Season Pros Cons
Spring (March-May) Mild temperatures, longer days, fewer crowds -
Autumn (September-October) Cooler temperatures, fewer tourists Higher chance of rain
Winter (November-December- January-February) - Many facilities closed, unpredictable weather
Summer (July-August) - Extreme heat, increased traffic

What you should know about the cycling season in Mallorca

  1. Mallorca attracts around 150,000 cyclo-tourists each year. The cycling season peaks in April during the Mallorca 312 race.

  2. Bike rentals and cycling holidays/training camps are especially popular during the off-season when it's less hot.

Popular Cycling Routes from Puerto Pollensa

Iconic Climbs and Challenging Routes on your Mallorca Cycling Holidays

Mallorca is renowned for its scenic and challenging cycling routes, attracting cyclists from around the world. The island's iconic climbs, such as Sa Calobra, Puig Major and Cap Formentor, offer a thrilling experience for those seeking a test of endurance and skill.

  1. Sa Calobra: This legendary climb is a must-do for any cyclist visiting Mallorca. With its serpentine road carved into the Tramuntana Mountains, Sa Calobra boasts an impressive 26 hairpin turns and a grueling 10% average gradient over 9.4 km.

  2. Puig Major: Standing tall at 854 meters, Puig Major is the highest peak in Mallorca. The challenging ascent features several steep sections, with gradients reaching up to 14%, making it a true test of strength and determination.

  3. Cap Formentor: Situated near from our aprthotel, Cap Formentor offers a breathtaking coastal route with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The winding road features several sharp turns and steep sections, providing a memorable cycling experience..

Mallorca Cycling Holidays

Scenic Mountain Routes

Beyond the iconic climbs, Mallorca boasts a variety of scenic mountain routes that wind through the Tramuntana Mountains, offering stunning vistas and a true sense of adventure.

  • Sóller and Deià: These picturesque towns in the Tramuntana Mountains are popular cycling destinations, with routes that take you through charming villages, olive groves, and rugged landscapes.

  • Orient Valley: This beautiful valley in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains offers a peaceful and scenic cycling experience, with winding roads and stunning mountain views.

Coastal and Flat routes

For those seeking a more leisurely cycling experience, Mallorca offers a range of flat coastal routes that are perfect for enjoying the island's natural beauty at a more relaxed pace.

  • From Puerto Pollensa to Alcúdia: This route takes you along the northern coast of the island, passing through picturesque villages and offering breathtaking views of the Tramuntana Mountains and the Bay of Pollensa.

With its diverse terrain, stunning landscapes, and favorable weather conditions, Mallorca offers a cycling experience that caters to all levels of ability and preferences, making it a true paradise for cyclists.

If you want to know more from Cycling in Mallorca, we recommend the best cycling routes on the island.

Bike Rental and Services

Mallorca offers a wide range of bike rental services catering to cyclists of all levels, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable cycling experience on the island.

From the Duva aparthotel we offer you the option of top-of-the-range bicycle hire to enjoy your cycling holidays in Majorca.

Tips for Cycling in your holidays on Mallorca

Preparing for Your Ride

  1. 2. Get in Shape: Train beforehand to build endurance for Mallorca's challenging climbs, which can have gradients of 6-8%.

  2. 3. Gear Up: Choose the right gearing, like a compact 50-34 chainset with an 11-28t cassette or a 30/32t cassette for steeper roads.

  3. Packs Essentials: Bring a toolkit with spare tubes, tire levers, CO2 canisters, a small pump, and a multi-tool for repairs.

  4. Fuel Up:Eat a nutritious meal and stay hydrated before your ride. Pack energy bars, gels, and electrolyte tablets to prevent cramping.

  5. Dress Appropriately:Wear breathable cycling gear and pack layers like a gilet and arm warmers for cooler mornings and descents.

Mallorca Cycling Holidays

On the road

  1. Start Early: Avoid the midday heat by starting your rides early, especially during summer.

  2. Plan Your Route: Research routes beforehand, familiarize yourself with the map, and note iconic climbs like Sa Calobra and Puig Major.

  3. Stay Visible: Use front and rear lights, especially in tunnels, to increase visibility for drivers.

  4. Watch for Hazards: Be cautious on descents, and watch for debris, tight hairpins, wandering livestock, and slippery surfaces when wet.

  5. Follow the Rules: Understand and follow Spanish cycling laws and regulations, and respect local drivers and other road users.

Mallorca Cycling Holidays

Safety Precautions

  1. Ride with a Friend: Cycling with a companion is safer and more enjoyable. Let someone know your route and expected return time.

  2. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of fluids and use electrolyte tablets to prevent heat stroke and cramps.

    Use Sunscreen: Protect yourself from the strong Mallorcan sun by applying sunscreen regularly.

  3. Be Prepared: Consider purchasing bike rescue coverage in case of breakdowns or accidents.

  4. Respect Restrictions: Avoid riding through the Sóller tunnel, as cyclists are banned..

By following these tips, you'll be well-prepared to tackle Mallorca's iconic cycling routes while staying safe and enjoying the island's breathtaking scenery.

FAQs Mallorca Cycling Holidays

What is the premier cycling route in Mallorca?
The Cap of Formentor, near from our aparthotel Duva, stands out as the most iconic cycling route in Mallorca. Cyclists start their journey in the scenic northern town of Port de Pollensa and navigate a 20 km winding road that boasts some of the island's most breathtaking views, culminating at the lighthouse on Cap de Formentor.
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