5 - News update on COVID19

  Phase 2 in the Balearics


What does Phase 2 mean to your holidays in Mallorca?


Mallorca entered phase 2 of the deescalation plan on Monday the 25th of May and all of a sudden we could visit friends, go to a cafe, go to the beach! Offices and shops started to open again. As was to be expected after such a long confinement, people rushed out, exercising, socialising. But they are doing so carefully, keeping a safe distance.

Last week I wrote about swimming pools. How we would manage to share them at the hotel.

After a full week of Phase 2 and the possibility of entering Phase 3 next Monday, it is apparent that we can do quite a lot while maintaining a safe distance from other people.

Being super aware of what we touch (railings, door knobs... ), cleaning our hands and not touching our faces seems to go an incredibly long way towards keeping us all safe. 

Phase 3 is just around the corner... and after a fortnight of the last phase (each phase has to last a fortnight) which, will be towards the end of June, it looks like the boarders will reopen and tourism will resume, without the need to go into quarantine. 

So, for now, we wait, prepare and look forward to welcoming you back to Mallorca for your late summer holidays!

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