Club Duva Fitness & Spa

The club offers a wide variety of sport, health and beauty services, fabulous installations, state of the art gym and training rooms, and the Spa & Wellness Centre, designed to improve your fitness training and enhance your wellbeing. Our facilities include


We have a large and well-equipped fitness room, kitted with the most up to date training equipment and divided into separate areas; cardiovascular, free weights, indoor cycling, stretching and fitness, designed for the most effective training regimes.

Fitness Classes

We provide a range of guided classes, designed for people looking to escape their daily routines and who want to train in a dynamic and fun environment, without losing any of that sporting intensity. Check out our catalogue for listings on all our activities. You will be surprised by the variety!

Spa & Wellness

If you are looking for somewhere to relax we recommend a visit to our Spa centre. You will find a full selection of services; acclimatised and heated pools, Jacuzzi, massage room, Turkish baths and Sauna, amongst others. Reconnect and disconnect in an oasis of calm and tranquillity.

Fitness classes at Club Duva

Get in shape with us by taking advantage of our wide variety of guided classes.

Club Duva offers you the chance to take part in a range of activities designed to get fit, stay fit and improve your physical condition. Our fitness classes include:

  • GFA

    General physical activity. This is a class that focuses on muscle tone with some cardiovascular work set to music, designed as a fully comprehensive body workout. The choreographies are directed by an instructor and easy to follow.


    This is a fully integrated mind and body discipline, designed to work your CORE muscles to maintain body balance, improve flexibility and build stability and strength in your spine. The method concentrates on both physical and mental training to bring about wellness and health.


    This is a water-based discipline, where we concentrate on toning exercises using water resistance. Both physical and general health benefits include: cardiovascular stamina, improved strength and flexibility, toning, increased circulation, healing muscles, and weight control. Besides, the almost zero-gravity of water provides the added benefit of putting less strain on your body.

  • BTT (GAP)

    This activity is a three-in-one fat burning, toning workout centred on the specific muscles of your bum, tummy and thighs. It is apt for all levels and the class is guided by the instructor to music, making it more dynamic and motivational, but easy to follow.


    This is a guided, high-intensity cardiovascular activity with a calorie burn rate of around 500-800 calories, which helps improve the cardiovascular system and strengthen legs, ideal rainy-day training for cyclists. The static bikes can be regulated to adapt to different levels and capabilities.

  • ABD

    Concentrated CORE training activity designed specifically to work your tummy muscles. The class is 30 minutes long.


    This is an activity that makes use of different stretching techniques, recommended for muscular tension release and ideal for anyone looking to improve flexibility and body consciousness. Sessions are 30 minutes long.

  • TRX

    Suspension training, which makes use of your own body weight. You will work with a wide range movements and exercises to improve strength, resistance, coordination, power and stability. Classes are 30 minutes long.

  • DCT

    DUVA Circuit Training. High intensity circuit training sessions with infinite variations available. The aim here is to improve overall body function by following a series of exercises over a 30-minute class.


Spa Club Duva

Come and enjoy our Spa circuit.

Our Spa and Wellness Centre can offer relief from tiredness, stress, insomnia, blood circulation problems, etc. and can be used regularly as preventative medicine, in much the same way as exercise. By using the different areas on a regular basis brings innumerable health benefits.


    It stimulates artery circulation, relaxes muscles and opens pores, purifying your skin of toxins, as well as improving fatigue and nervous tension. A Jacuzzi can also offer some relief from the pain brought about by arthritis, bursitis and bone or muscular illnesses.


    Tension-relieving massage, relaxation, and lymphatic… these are only some of the massage therapies that you will find at Club Duva. Choose yours and enjoy.


    Our chromotherapy showers work mostly with primary colours and a few simple combinations, bringing you the beneficial powers and energetic qualities of colour therapy to improve health, wellness and healing.


    The wood panelled steam room is maintained at very high temperatures (between 80º and 90º C), for the beneficial effects this has on the body, by releasing toxins through sweat and activating blood circulation. The ideal way to use the sauna is to alternate regularly between the sweat room and the cold shower, which is therapeutic, more hygienic and allows you to benefit from the extreme temperature shifts.


    11×8 m pool maintained at a constant temperature of 30º C. You can enjoy a relaxing warm water swim, send the kids to a swimming class or join the aquagym class. It has 2 swan’s necks and water jets for reducing neck and back tension.


    Hot water pressure massage used to calm and offer relief for muscle fatigue and pain (neck and back), reduce stress and activate blood circulation. It is a real relaxation therapy with amazing pain and stress benefits.


    This is a hot vapour room with temperatures which oscillate around the 55 °C mark and relative humidity levels of 100%. In order to maintain the temperature constant, they tend to hermetically sealed rooms. The Turkish bath is good for raising the body’s metabolic rate, stimulating the nervous and hormonal system, opening skin pores and eliminating toxins, as well as clearing the lungs and helping in sport recovery.


    Used for the contrasting effect, to lower the body temperature with cold water and prepare to re enter the sauna or Turkish bath.


We offer our clients the chance to enjoy a full range of sport and relaxation massages. We also offer reflexology and hot stone massage.



We provide a wide choice of beauty treatments, amongst which, we offer facial and body treatments, manicures and pedicures, waxing, permanent and semi-permanent eyelash dyes and makeup.



The Club Duva team are highly experienced and officially certified sports and fitness instructors,
here to help and guide you with all your training programmes.

Club Duva Services

At Club Duva, aside from the gym services we offer, you will also find many other ways to care for your body without having to sweat too much for it.

If you want to look after yourself inside and out, we can offer you the best:


    We focus primarily on health. We will help you reach your goals more quickly: regain and maintain your motivation, be constant, train in a safe manner, gain body consciousness (get to know your body and move it adequately), loose weight and reduce body fat, improve muscle tone and physical performance. We also run group-training sessions, which are more affordable, improve performance in less time, are more fun and reduce the risk of injury.


    Swimming classes for boys and girls from 6 months to 6 years old, children’s swim sessions and improvement techniques through play and fun activities, as well as method work to help children gain more autonomy in the water.


    We offer virtual Indoor Cycling and Spinning classes. Enjoy a tutored session at any time of day or simply choose a virtual video route in the landscape you prefer: mountain, city, etc. You will be able to see data on the screen, to guide you throughout the course ; times (time spent on route, total time, time remaining), % Cardiac Frequency objectives, spinning RPMs, etc.


    Take exercise while pregnant to improve your health and mood, sleep better and reduce pains and aches, which are so typical in pregnancy. It will also help you “train” for the birth, strengthening muscle tone and improving resistance, as well as speeding up recovery once your baby is born.


    Reduced groups of 4-6 people and a personalized programme designed to make the classes dynamic and fun. Gain social and motivation skills with a training method adapted to your personal goals and avoid injury, guided by your own personal fitness instructor.


    Hypopressive exercises work with respiratory techniques and the principals of postural re-education. This is a holistic training system, which aims to realign your spine, reduce your waist, gain increased thoracic mobility, improve flexibility and enjoy a general sensation of excellent postural confort.


    Do you have a personal goal? Loose weight, get in shape or is there a race you would like to run? DUVA training will help you reach your objectives with the help of adapted training methods and a personal fitness instructor. We work in groups to improve motivation and get better results, as well as the possibility of a individual planning system to get you where you want to be.

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You can contact us online, by filling in the contact form, by telephone o by visiting us personally at the Club.

TIMETABLE: Monday to Friday 8.00 - 22.00 / Saturday and Bank Holidays 9.30 - 13.00 | 16.30 - 20.00 / Sundays 9.30 - 13.00

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