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Cafe stops on the Epic Tramuntana route | Cycling in Mallorca

October 01, 2021

Where to find the best almond cake, cafe con leche and pamboli cycling in Mallorca  The Tramuntana Mountain is the reason most cyclists come to Mallorca in the first place. 120 km ...

Late Season Holidays on Mallorca's North Coast

September 09, 2021

Mallorca is still baking hot and it's September. Autumn. Meant to be cooling down by now, and though we don't have the heat wave of July anymore, it's hot enough to ...

Is there a positive side to the Pandemic?

July 22, 2021

... and will we come out better for it - happier, more family-oriented, more eco-friendly... with renewed vigour and zest for life?     Living through a global pandemic has come as a bit ...

When will we say goodbye to face masks in Mallorca?

May 31, 2021

One year on... Covid protection measures and new changes in the pipeline We have been wearing facemasks in Mallorca since the start of lockdown last year. It has been just over a ...

Can we enjoy a family holiday in Mallorca this Summer 2021?

May 20, 2021

Will we get to enjoy a family holiday this Summer 2021 in Mallorca? Can we travel this Summer? Is it wise to go on holiday? Can I afford it? Is it safe? Can ...